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Call for Papers for the second annual SPERI conference
Beyond Austerity vs Growth:
The Future of the European Political Economy
Halifax Hall, University of Sheffield
1-3 July 2013

The aim of the conference is to provide a context in which alternative strategies and models of growth for the European economy can be proposed, debated, evaluated and assessed by academics and policy makers alike.

We invite papers and proposals for panels and roundtables on the following general themes:

  • The changing place of Europe in the world economy.
  • The future of European varieties of capitalism – convergence, divergence or continued diversity?
  • The nature of the crisis in the Eurozone.
  • The future of the Eurozone.
  • The endogenous and/or exogenous character of the crisis in Europe.
  • The experience of the crisis in different European economies and their differential prospects for growth in the years ahead.
  • The prospects for a greeting of growth in Europe.
  • The process of European integration after the crisis.
  • Europe’s changing economic interdependence.

Email proposals to Professor Colin Hay & Tony Payne at by 28 February 2013.